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Randoli App Director®

App Director hides the complexity of Kubernetes by enabling developers to be productive with Kubernetes from day one. Application onboarding wizard, Templates, built-in CI tasks and YAML code generation allows an application and it’s CI/CD to be set up on to multiple kubernetes clusters in minutes with minimal knowledge on Kubernetes while promoting automation and reducing operator errors.

You can point to a git repo and Containerize & Deploy an Application to multiple Kubernetes clusters within minutes without writing a single line of YAML and only requires very basic knowledge of kubernetes.

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Application Migration FrameworkApplication Modernization FrameworkApplication Integration Framework
A successful migration requires a comprehensive approach to tackle business, people, governance, operations and technical challenges. It has to be aligned with your business goals and the deliverables tied to key business outcomes to justify your migration effort. Learn MoreMigrating your applications to the cloud with a lift & shift strategy might be a good first step, but it's not enough to benefit from the advantages the cloud has to offer and be ready to tackle your current & future business goals. Learn MoreIntegration should be the foundation of every modernization effort. It provides the underlying platform for your organization to deliver new business capabilities rapidly. Therefore every organization needs an enterprise integration strategy as a core discipline. Learn More

Everyday we work together with our customers to solve their toughest problems, transform their business and create value.

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Randoli offers a proven track record in handling large scale transformation projects with enterprise customers in the financial, insurance & commercial space. We help our customers build a strong foundation for innovation by helping them migrate & modernize their applications to use enterprise-ready, open source cloud-native technologies & streamline their information flow by integrating their applications & data.

As strategic advisors we provide thought leadership that goes beyond technical expertise. As well as offering innovative solutions to your software challenges, we guarantee the practical experience to get your project executed on time & budget to meet your business objectives.